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Start Your New Year’s Resolution Now
It happens every year. We hit the month of December and you begin to think about how next year is going to be YOUR year. You want to lose some weight, be nicer to people, maybe get that promotion at work. It is time to think about your New Year’s Resolution.
Be Lazy To Lose Weight!
I guess its time to sleep your weekends away folks! Researchers found that people who just used the weekends to catch up on their sleep had lower BMI's (Body Mass Index) which means in a nutshell they are thinner. All of the people that were in the research study who got their butt up and at 'em and…
Country Stars Who Have Lost Weight [Pictures]
Country stars are under a lot of pressure to look beautiful at all times, but that's not necessarily why these country stars decided to lose weight. Most just wanted to feel healthier when they woke up each morning, while at least one star's slim figure came as a result of giving up booze …
Chubby Puppy Loses Weight!
Throughout the year, most of us try here and there to maybe lose a bit of weight or get in better shape. Maybe we'll help a family member or friend do either, but how often do we try and help our pets trim down? Well, when his owner adopted him, she had no choice!