9 Out of 10 Trips You’re On The Phone
We ALL know we're not supposed to text and drive, but phone addiction is a real thing.
According to a new study, we use our phones pretty much every time we're in the car.
The study looked at 3.1 million drivers and found they used their phones during 88% of their drives...
What The Color of Your Car Says About You
Can people tell what kind of person you are, just by the color of your car?  Probably not.  But a recent survey found out what other people think it says about you.
Here are six car colors, and what people think they say about your personality:
How do You Mask Your Stink?
It's a good idea to hide the smell when you stink up a bathroom right? I mean, because it's polite to other people. then of course there's the embarrassment factor when the next person walks in there and almost dies.
10 Things That Make A Happy Dog
If you share your life with a dog like I do, you are spending a lot of time trying to make him or her a happy pup. Unfortunatley, more money as well.  So what really works? Beneful conducted a survey and found the top 10 things that make dogs the happiest...
5 Foods That Aren’t Really Healthy
The New York Times did a survey a little while ago asking people how healthy they thought different foods were.  Then they did the same survey with nutritionists.  Here are five things you might assume are healthy, but aren’t. Again why don't we assume?