Ticketmaster Forced To Give Discounts
If you've paid outrageous fees to Ticketmaster in the past like additional "order processing" fees or exorbitant shipping costs for tickets you'll be happy to know that you may be getting some discounts on your next ticket purchase!
Want a Happy Marriage? It Will Cost You $381 Thousand Dollars
That's expensive. If you want a happy marriage you'll be spending some serious cash. A website did some number crunching and found that all the costs of being in a happy marriage (happy wife, happy life ) comes out to about $7,800.00 a year. Then the average 45 year marriage and cost of th…
Broome County Hit by IRS Scammers
The Broome County Office for Aging says they've received about a dozen calls from seniors reporting that someone from the IRS is calling and advising them that they're being sued. This is a scam.

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