Halloween Candy

4 Halloween Candy Detox Tips
If you've been eating leftover Halloween candy all week and you're feeling like crap now, here are four tips on how to get it out of your system by the end of the weekend
Top Allergy-Free Candy
You don't want to play tricks on kids that have allergies to candy that contains peanuts or tree nuts. See what the popular treat choices are before you buy your candy.
The Grossest Halloween Candies
Halloween is Monday. Are you looking to give out the gross candy? Are you looking to get your house TPed? This is the candy to get.
10 Worst Halloween Candies to Get on Halloween
I still remember the Whoppers. My introduction to the worst candy ever. First time I tried them, hated them and still do, and of course I had about a half tone of them. Side note to by the way, I had no idea that parents stole their kids candy while they slept until about a week after Halloween 2 ye…
App Helps Trick-Or-Treaters Find Best Candy
Every neighborhood has a house Halloween night candy seekers can't wait to go to- the house that hands out full sized candy bars. And every neighborhood also has the house that every kid avoids because they're notorious for handing out raisins.
15 Halloween Candies That Will Make You a TP Target
It happens this time every year. You remind yourself that you need to pick up some Halloween candy and then life happens and you forget until WHAM Halloween has arrived and you’re rushing to the store to pick up whatever you can get your hands on and the shelves are empty except for that lone …
3 Ways to Get Hyped for Your Post Halloween Workout
Halloween might still be a month away, but if you're already in the throes of thinking about how you're going to decorate your house and what your kids are going to dress as, you're probably also thinking about the candy that will be consumed.