This weekend and next weekend is office holiday party time. The key is not to like it (although that is prefered) but it's to survive. Here's some of the things to keep in mind before the big event.

Dancing at the holiday party is a brave move but dancing by yourself is braver....or is that stupider.  If asked to cut anything, don't pretend that the knife is an electric knife (complete with sound effects) unless you never want to be asked to cut again.  The party is not the time to try something for the first time...whiskey,juggling or break dancing.

It's a good idea to bring your boss a gift.  That way, if the boss shows up late or gets trashed, they'll know that you were there. If you don't want to talk college football, avoid anyone that went to Notre Dame.  If you don't know why, I'll give you a hint, BSC championship game.  You can look it up.

Finally it's ok to be the first person at the party, but I wouldn't suggest being the last.  (Unless your the party organizer.)  So have fun, as alway Don't Drink and Drive and hope that on Monday when you show up to work that there are no voicemail or notes from Human Resources.