It's that time of year when tensions run high between you and your spouse. Holiday plans and get togethers, arranging and rearranging your schedule and keeping everyone happy, usually ends up with an argument.  According to those who study such stuff, here are 5 SURPRISING ways to win a argument with your partner... and my reaction.

5) Start with criticism. Research shows that if you butter them up with a compliment first, that it just delays the inevitable and only neutralizes the message you're trying to deliver... My wife was ahead of her time.

4) Confront your partner in the morning - you'll both be in better moods... Unless you stay up all night thinking about it or if my wife read the end of number 5 then the confrontation will be immediate.

3) Dig up something from the past you swore you'd leave buried, they'll cave just to get you to stop... It may stop for a moment, but I know in my experience, it doesn't stop for long. Unless your goal is to have the bed to yourself.

2) Don't read YOUR emotions into your spouse... How else will she know what I think because after all I'm right, right?

1) Go to bed angry. Fatigue and lack of sleep makes fights worse... HOWEVER, whatever you do, never and I mean never, before turning the lights out for the night, do NOT turn to your spouse and say "We need to talk first thing in the morning." I can promise that the lights are not out for the night. I have zero interest in trying this one out... again.

As always remember, this advice is worth what you paid for it.  If you do try this at home, I would say "Try at your own risk and I'm not responsible."  You've been warned.