Every big game party has one know-it-all who loves to spew useless knowledge to others who really don't care. This year, you can counteract that know-it-all.

Here are some interesting, even if a bit useless, facts and figures about the Big Game 48.

1. This is the first time since the 1990 season that the NFL's number one offense (the Broncos) is facing the number-one defense (the Seahawks) in the Super Bowl.

2. The last four NFC West teams to appear in a big game have lost. One of those was the 2005 Seahawks.

3. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was only 9-years-old when Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was drafted by the Colts.

4. The Seahawks had the 26th ranked passing offense this season. That's the lowest for a big game team. Ever.

5. Peyton Manning led the NFL in both passing yards and touchdown passes. That's pretty impressive. But it's bad news because history has shown that quarterbacks who lead the league in both categories are 0-3 in big games.