Awwww summer!  As soon as summer officially hit yesterday, you could see happiness in people's faces.  Summer is all about feeling good and as we all know, summer can feel mighty short living in the Northeastern United States.

Here are a few quick facts on the summer season:

  • In general people are more cheerful in the summertime.  According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, "people tend to feel better in the summer months because of increased sunshine with moods improving and more positive emotions reported."
  • According to, the Dog Days of summer refers to the weeks between July 3 and August 11th, when the Dog Star, Sirius, is in the constellation of Canis Major.
  • Cellphone batteries die faster in the summer and you can blame the heat for that one. Try to keep your battery out of direct sun, hot cars and in temperatures between 62 and 72 degrees.  According to Woman's World magazine, hot temperatures can permanently damage your battery to the point where it can no longer hold a charge.  Yikes!
  • Summer debt can easily get out of control in the summer months.  More than one in 10 of us will skip saving and paying off debt to enjoy the season and a quarter will dip into their savings to live it up.  A Bank of Montreal survey reports that 28 percent will go into debt to pay for their summer fun.  Then of course you will pay for that later in more ways than one.