On Monday, the life of Johnson City Police Officer David Smith was cut short as he responded to a disturbance call and today as his life is remembered by family and friends, traffic in Johnson City will be impacted. Also impacted will be BC Transit Routes and access to UHS Wilson.

Johnson City Road Closures
Main Street in Johnson City from St. Charles to Arch will be closed from 9am until 2pm today for Officer Smith's funeral.  During the funeral, parking lots at Main and Baldwin streets, Baldwin and Arch streets, and the lot adjacent to the post office will also be cleared.

Officer Smith Funeral Parking
If you're planning to attend Officer Smith's funeral, the funeral will begin at 11am at Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial United Methodist Church with parking at the former BAE Systems on Main Street. The public is invited into the church for the funeral however space is limited. Officer Smith's funeral will be broadcast on Time Warner Cable and on WNBG.

UHS Wilson Access
UHS Medical Center and UHS offices will remain open, but with travel restrictions, patients, visitors and staff can access the UHS campus today from the south via the Floral Avenue approach.

BC Transit Detours
BC Transit buses will be detouring due to the funeral as well. All stops on Main Street between Floral Ave and Route 201 will be temporarily closed from 9am to 2pm.  During this time, the #35 Binghamton/Endicott bus line will detour and travel Floral Avenue between Main Street Bingahmton and Route 201 in Johnson City.  Bus stops along Floral Avenue will be observed by the #23 and #35 routes in Johnson City. The #17 Johnson City and #7 Clinton Street will have temporary delays along Prospect Street, Airport Road, CFJ Boulevard and Lester Avenue. The #17 Johnson will not provide bus service on Brocton Street, North Arch and Main Street Johnson City from 9am-2pm.

The public will be allowed into the church for the funeral as space allows. The service will be broadcast on Time Warner Cable and WNBG TV, Channel 12.

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