Yesterday, Glenn and I revealed to you what many are calling "the most delicious sandwich in the world" and it includes some pretty interesting things.  Today, we're talking about strange sandwich combinations that somehow work.

Glenn is a big fan of meatball subs with mayo and lettuce. I'm not a big strange food eater.  About as strange as I get is that I like my sandwiches minus the bread- just veggies and meat rolled up.

We've been asking you what your favorite sandwich combo is and here are some of the stranger answers we've received:

Sharon from Greene called and said she likes tuna, bologna and cheese sandwiches.

Jim Wagner of Binghamton wrote on our Facebook page and said he's a big fan of peanut butter and mayo.

Michelle Melville's favorite sandwich is tuna with mayo, mozzarella, buffalo sauce and pepperoni.

Alecia Force says her mom loves peanut butter and jelly with pickles.

Steve from Greene says "his friend" likes tuna and Nutella.

Barb from Nichols says peanut butter and onions is pretty awesome.

Marcie Dumond of Norwich says the best sandwich is A1 sauce on grilled cheese.

What's your favorite sandwich combo that most people would think is really strange, but works for you?