Lee Brice is known for quality and thoughtful country songs with 'I Drive Your Truck,' 'A Woman Like You,' but with his current hit 'I Don't Dance,' Lee releases his most personal song to date.

HAWK listeners are curious to know the real story behind the song. You may have heard me or Traci Taylor from the HAWK Morning Show mention that Lee wrote the song as a wedding gift for his wife Sara.  But what you might not know is 'I Don't Dance' was the first song they danced to as husband and wife.  According to Rich Birdsall who hosts a lot of weddings in the Southern Tier, 'I Don't Dance' is quickly becoming the song of choice for many of his wedding celebrations.

Lee was ecstatic to recently find out that his song was used for the April 4th wedding of Rebekah Gregory and Pete DiMartino, both survivors of last year's tragic Boston Marathon bombing.  The video was featured on the wedding website The Knot.

I think it's great when a 3:37 song can touch so many people.  That's what music is all about.  Especially good country songs. Country needs more of that right now.

See the Lee Brice video for yourself and feel free to share it with others.