Going shopping last night my friends, was interesting. I usually shop on Sunday because it is the only day I have off to do stuff. I quickly realized that The Southern Tier is gearing up for the worst. I would have to guess that after last years bout of flooding, power outages and displacement we are all on edge. The Weis on Upper Front Street was  getting pretty bare. The staff told me they went though 93 cases of milk! The bread was almost empty!

Water was getting scarce and that was the case at many of the local grocery outlets. Empty shelves across the Southern Tier. One of our local grocery stores reported that the food was going so fast they weren't even worried about restocking the shelves. They were just dropping full pallets of supplies off in the isles and letting the patrons just take from the pallet.

I'm glad that this time we had warning and enough lead time to get ourselves prepared. Keep you radio on 98.1 The Hawk, we will keep you updated to the very best of our abilities though this storm. I have a back up system in my SUV in case of Downtown Binghamton electric black out. Keeping us on the air! Thank you for being there for us, listening faithfully every day. All I ask is for you to rely on us, we will be there for you!