When it comes to coffee, I have two loves: Green Mountain Coffee and Dunkin Donuts Coffee.  Both companies offer delicious, affordable coffee and both give back to great causes. Not saying that Starbucks doesn’t give back, but holy wow!  Their coffee prices are through the roof!

Starbucks has just introduced their most expensive coffee.  How expensive?  $7 a cup!  Insane, right?  So far, the Costa Rica Finca Palmilera coffee is only available in 48 stores in America, but Starbucks says they plan to expand the availability so should you crave a $7 cup of coffee you’ll be able to fulfill that craving.

I think the question most normal people would ask is: “what makes it so special?” Well, according to Starbucks, it’s made from a rare coffee variety, known as Geisha. It's found in Central America and is notoriously difficult to grow. A tall cup of the coffee costs $6, while a grande is $7. And if you want to take it home with you, Starbucks is selling eight-ounce bags of the coffee for $40.

I don’t mean to get on a pedestal, but I’ve got two points to make about this.

1.  If people continue to pay so much for a cup of coffee, I think it’ll cause all the other coffee outlets to jack up their prices, which is not cool for hardcore coffee drinkers like me. Maybe I’m wrong on this, but you never know.

2.  Instead of paying $40 for an eight-ounce bag of coffee, why not use that money to buy a complete Christmas meal for a needy family?  Or you could use that $40 and buy groceries to donate to a local food shelter. Or you could pay off a bill. Or you could throw a little extra in the offering plate on Sunday.

Just saying…