Trust me when I tell you that I would have enjoyed doing anything other than what I did this weekend which was phase two of spring cleaning. Phase one was a couple weekends ago when I organized, but phase two was more intensive. I rolled up my sleeves and got down and dirty, purging from my life of the things I really don’t need anymore.

I'm really glad that my husband was there with me because I definitely needed some positive reinforcement that I was doing the right thing by getting rid of so much stuff. I've you've ever lived on the cheap or had to rebuild your life, then you know what I mean when I say that sometimes it's really hard to let things go.

If spring cleaning is on your radar, the Huffington Post has an amazing list of seven things you should toss right away. These are four of those things.

  • 1

    Old Letters, Photos, and Such

    I was cleaning out the trunk in my living room that I use as a coffee table and found photos and cards from a guy that I dated almost 20 years ago. I mean, we're still friends, but those are things I didn't need to hold on to anymore. If you've got stuff like that- toss it.

  • 2

    Makeup You're Not Using

    Everyone knows you're not supposed to hold on to makeup forever because it can harbor bacteria and do all sorts of nasty stuff to your face. If you have makeup that you don't use regularly, toss it.

  • 3

    Ages Old Gadgets

    Your old pre-paid flip phone that you haven't turned on in 10 years because you can't find the charger is the perfect example of something you should stop holding on to, and should toss.

  • 4

    Things That Are Broken

    Ugh, I'm awful at holding on to broken things because I always figure that I'll get around to fixing them some day. If you've been holding on to something for over a year, waiting for the perfect someday to come along, do yourself a favor and just toss it before your 'fix it' pile gets so big that we see you on Hoarders.

  • 5

    Old Papers

    If you've got a drawer in your house filled with papers- maybe manuals and expired coupons, and random receipts- it's time to go through that stuff and toss what you don't absolutely need to keep. Once you've cleaned out the pile of papers, file away the the rest.