Having a Christmas party, but don’t want it to be the same old same?  You know the kind.  You set out a few trays of fruit and cheese and have a few bottles of wine on hand and your friends just stand around looking bored, but trying politely to look like they’re having a good time. You don’t want to be that person do you?

Do something about it! Here are a few interesting Christmas party theme ideas that are sure to liven up your party:

The Ugly Sweater Party

If you managed to go this long in life without receiving a horrific Christmas sweater - you know, the ones with the puff paint snowmen and the mistletoe-patterned mock turtlenecks - from your great aunt Mildred, then you may have to run to the nearest clothing store to buy one for this party of holiday fashion faux pas. It shouldn’t cost you more than $15, and the photos will most definitely be priceless.

Reverse Christmas in July

You’ve heard of businesses celebrating Christmas in July with special deals and stuff and playing Christmas music, right?  We’ll, turn the tables with a beach-themed party in the dead of winter. Beach balls, mojitos and everyone's favorite Christmas with the Beach Boys album are a must. Considering this happens to be one of the all-time worst months for six-packs, bathing suits are optional. But please- wear something!

 Trim My Tree Gathering

Putting up your first Christmas tree as a bona-fide grown-up (helping Mom and Dad put the family tree of your kindergarten-crafted thing-a-ma-bobs hanging from it doesn't count) is a momentous occasion. Why not have a tree-trimming ribbon-cutting, of sorts? Just set up your tree (real or fake!) with lights and garland, and have your guests each bring an ornament to hang on your tree.

Christmahanukwanzaa Party

The world is one big melting pot, and that's never made clearer than during the holidays. If you find yourself saying, "Merry Chr -- er, happy, uh, holidays... “more than a few times a week, consider throwing an all-denominations holiday celebration. Decorate with celebratory trinkets from every creed -- a Christmas tree for, well, Christmas, dreidels for Hanukkah, and a kinara candle holder for Kwanzaa, and spend the evening learning about one another's holidays.

Christmas Costume Pub Crawl

Halloween isn't the only holiday tailor-made for dress-up. Hit up a costume store and buy a Santa suit (or sexy Santa suit) or an elf costume, and hit up a bar with some similarly dressed friends.  In fact, dozens of cities across the country actually have organized "Santa-con" events in which hundreds of people spend the day bouncing from bar to bar in their white beards and red hats. Wanna make sure your friends dress up? Award the best dressed Kris Kringle and Mrs. Claus with a free round on you.