I got a call yesterday from a Southern Tier Red Cross representative who told me they're in desperate need of blood and asked if I could help by making a donation.

The representative I spoke with told me that blood and platelet levels are dangerously low and as a result, the Red Cross has issued an emergency request for donations. Because of the severe winter weather most of the United States experienced early on this month, 320 Red Cross blood drives had to be cancelled and that means that they're more than 9,300 blood and platelet donations short.

As a blood donor, you can help save up to 18 lives per year. That's because you can donate blood 6 times a year and each blood donation you make is processed into components (e.g., red blood cells, plasma, and platelets) that can save the lives of 3 different people with different needs. It'd be nice if blood could be manufactured, but it can't- it has to come from donors, so maybe you'll about scheduling an appointment to donate?

Take a peek at these blood drive dates and times and then call 1-800-Red Cross (800-722-2767) to schedule an appointment to give. Oh, and as an added incentive, if you donate in January, you'll get a coupon for a free pound of Dunkin Donuts coffee!

Today, January 16th from 7am-2pm

Johnson City American Red Cross
365 Harry L Drive, Johnson City

Today, January 16th, 9am-2pm
Southern Tier Independence Center
135 East Frederick Street, Binghamton

Tomorrow, Friday January 17th from 7am-2pm
Johnson City American Red Cross
365 Harry L Drive, Johnson City

February 8th- Central United Methodist Church-Fellowship Call
17 Nanticoke Ave., Endicott

February 8th- First Baptist Church of Johnson City
1321 Renyolds Road, Johnson City

February 8th- Oakdale Mall
Harrly L. Drive, Johnson City

February 8th- Vestal United Methodist Church
328 Main Street, Vestal

February 10th- Hinman Commons
4400 Vestal Parkway East, Vestal

February 11th- Conklin Presbyterian Church
1175 Conklin Road, Conklin

February 12th- Harpursville High School
54 Main Street, Harpursville

February 13th- NorthPointe Church
126 East Service Road, Binghamton

February 13th- Binghamton University- Old Union
4400 Vestal Parkway East, Vestal

February 14th- Binghamton University Chenango Champlain Collegiate Ctr.
4400 Vestal Parkway, Vestal

February 15th- Boulevard United Methodist Church
113 Grand Boulevard, Binghamton

February 19th- American Red Cross of Endicott
620 East Main Street, Endicott

February 20th- Our Savior Lutheran Church
731 Hooper Road, Endicott

February 21st- UHS Wilson Medical Center Piccaino Building
33-57 Harrison Street, Johnson City

February 21st- Windsor United Methodist Church
56 Chapel Street, Windsor

February 24th- Lourdes Hospital Lecture Hall
169 Riverside Drive, Binghamton

February 25th- Lourdes Hospital Lecture Hall
169 Riverside Drive, Binghamton

February 25th- Deposit Central School
171 Second Street, Deposit

February 25th- Whitney Point High School
10 Keibel Road, Whitney Point

February 26th- 20 Hawley Street
20 Hawley Street, Binghamton

February 26th- UHS Binghamton General Hospital
10-42 Mitchell Avenue, Binghamton

February 27th- Frito Lay- Kirkwood Room
10 Spud Lane, Binghamton

February 27th- University Plaza- bloodmobile
Plaza Drive and Vestal Parkway, Vestal