I really do appreciate technology.  Well sometimes. I'm not a technology geek like many of my coworkers but I must admit I have fun and for the most part, catch on quickly with all the gadget updates and changes, every once in a while it's nice to not have a smart option.

I really love Apple products because they make sense and more times than not, are more simple to use than some of their competitors.  But I went with one of those competitors to save money and because of that, irritability comes and goes, depending on the day or month, sometimes to different extremes.

On my Smart phone, updates prevent me from doing other things with my phone.  And when you see the updates come across your phone, it's hard to think about what you need to do.  I want to give my phone permission to "just do it" and not tell me you are doing it because when it comes down to it, I just want my phone to work for a good phone call, to make and receive some text messages and maybe play '4 Picks One Word,' once in a while.  Is that too much to ask Mr. Smart phone?

My brother surprised me with a Smart TV for my birthday.  A very nice gift indeed, but shouldn't watching TV or a movie be a form of escape from the craziness of the world and giving you a rain check to not think for that hour or two?  Instead, my new television complete with Smart TV technology is letting me know she is automatically scanning for updates, asking me questions about upgrades available or telling me a command was cancelled.  I just want to laugh with 'Modern Family' and not have to think about impressing my TV!  Sometimes simple is better.  That's why I kept my old TV just in case. I have to admit the verdict is still out as to whether I like my TV viewing smartly enhanced.

Technology is moving fast and for the most part, I smartly embrace it.  How about you?