No, this isn't an open invite to find me today and plant one on my lips because that would be incredibly awkward and would probably end with you running away crying. But if you're considering puckering up today, here's why you should kiss on an Irish-American:

1. Irish Americans are better educated. That's right- the U.S. average graduation or higher rate for adults 25-years-old and older is 85.9%. The rate for Irish-Americans is 92.9%. The average U.S. rate for adults aged 25 or older with a bachelor's or higher is 28.5%. For Irish-Americans, that number is 33.3%.

2. Irish-Americans are more "available." The U.S. average for a male householder living alone are 12.3% and for Irish-Americans that number is 12.6%. The U.S. average for a female householder living alone is 15.5% and for Irish-Americans that number is 16.8%. So yes, you do have a chance. A slight one, but still...

3. Irish-Americans are better employed. The U.S. average of people 16 and older who are employed is 64% and for Irish-Americans it's 65.8%.

4. Irish-Americans are better insured. The U.S. average for Americans with private health insurance is 65.2% and for Irish-Americans, that number jumps to 75.5%.

5. Irish-Americans are more ambitious. The U.S. average for people 16-years-old and older with a job in management, business and service occupations is 32.7%. For Irish-Americans, it's 37.2%.

6. Irish-Americans are better paid. The U.S. average median household income is $50,502. The median household income for Irish-Americans is $57,319.