On Tuesday the 3rd grade classes along with Tara’s class’ kindergarten buddies, from Port Dick Elementary visited Elizabeth Church Manor to spread some Christmas cheer.
The classes split up into groups and hit every floor of the nursing home singing Christmas songs, dancing around and handing out homemade ornaments.  They walked the halls and visited different areas including physical therapy and the beauty shop...who knew there was a beauty shop? The residents and the staff seemed to really enjoy it.  Who doesn’t love a bunch of 8 and 9 year olds in Santa hats singing about Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, which is my daughters favorite to sing.  I think it's because she can add her own parts to the song.
 I’m guessing some residents don’t get many visitors and their eyes just lit up and smiles were from ear to ear when they saw the kids.  It was cute to see some of the folks singing along.  Thank you to Tara’s teacher Mrs. Huyck for organizing this event.  It started as a tradition Mrs. Huyck’s family did when she was young and she thought she’d like to try it with Tara’s class which eventually grew into the entire 3rd grade plus some kindergartener’s from Port Dick.
 That many kids at that age sure can make a lot of noise but I still think they’d be invited back next year.  Caroling at a nursing home is a great tradition and very rewarding for the kids and the residents.  Some of the kids, including Tara,  were a little apprehensive seeing the condition of some of the residents in their wheelchairs but it was a great learning experience on compassion and how doing something we see as so little can mean so much to someone else.  I’m sure it’s not too late for you all to throw a group together and hit up one of the many nursing homes in our area.  Merry Christmas!