Well, isn't this an interesting predicament.  Simon Cowell is going to be a first time dad and the woman carrying his baby is Simon's friend's wife.  Oh, but wait, it gets better.

Apparently Simon Cowell started a causal relationship with his good friend Andrew Silverman’s wife, Lauren. Because it's always such a good idea to bed another man's wife, but I digress.  Lauren reportedly spilled the news to Simon on July 10th that she’s three months pregnant with his baby.  And oh yeah, she’s now in the middle of a divorce and it’s going to get ugly.

Hope Simon has a shield and sword because he’s going to need it. Apparently, incensed over the illicit affair between his wife and Simon, Andrew Silverman filed for divorce on July 15th and listed as a co-respondent is Simon, which suggests his fling with Lauren is going to become a major issue in the divorce fight.

In order to not have to pay child support, Andrew is going to have to prove that Simon is the baby's daddy.

Hold on kids.  The crazy train has just left the station.