It's Halloween and it's going to be a cold night with temperatures right around freezing. It's definitely a warm costume evening, in fact it's cold enough to wear my Tigger outfit.

My wife is going to be Little Red Riding Hood this year, so maybe I'll go as the BIG BAD WOLF!! When we go out with Tara, sometimes we see kids that look a little too old.

Here are the signs:

You ask for high fiber candy only

You have to choose a costume that doesn't dislodge your hairpiece... or your hip

You get winded from knocking on the door and then you say "Trick or...can I just sit down on your porch?"

You ask other kids to chew the candy for you

You avoid going to the house where your ex-wife lives... also awkward if you knock on a door of a ex-girlfriend and the kid looks a little like you.

Happy Halloween to all young and old and have a BOOtiful night.