New Year's Eve is almost here.  Do you know what you're doing yet? Traci has some great suggestions here. So how do you know if you're at a lame New Year's Eve Party??? Here's how.

5) 2013 has officially have nothing to do with the party.

4) It's a ObamaCare Appreciation Party. For all those who were able to successfully and happily get on that website. It would also be a small party.

3) The host say's it's time to liven things up and say's "Let's bring out the Glenn Pitcher Polka band." Actually on second thought,  to quote the red M&M "It's that kind of party."

2) The entertainment is.......A Tupperware demonstration.

1) You have to bring your own food and it's over by 10pm.

Happy New Year and we can't wait to spend 2014 together