It's not easy to get a job these days. Many companies are laying off or not hiring at all. So you've been hired. Here are some signs that maybe you should still look for another job.

5) You notice every day for the last week, at least one person has run crying from the boss's office.

4) You've only been there for about 2 months and you're already halfway up the seniority ladder.

3) You ask the boss for supplies. You get handed a #2 pencil and legal pad.....and nothing else.

2) You were shown to your cubicle on your first day....You haven't spoken to anyone since.

1) You get the same reaction from your friends every time you tell them about your new job......."REALLY, good luck with that."

Now I hope that I'm not looking for a new job.  I haven't had to look since 1996....I understand things have changed a lot since them.