This Father's Day, Tara gave me a card and this is what she wrote "You'll definetly need your remote for that battle - Tara." She's a great writer and artist.

Riley gave me two brownies and a Mirabito gift card so that I can go get five iced coffees whenever I want.

I had a great Father's Day, but here are signs that you weren't as lucky:

You went out to lunch....and they let you pick up the tab. That happened to my brother-in-law Johnny V yesterday but att least they had a coupon for him to use.

They listened to all of your stories....while they were texting. At least I got to tell my stories because who knows when they might have a chance to hear them again....Yes I'm rolling my eyes, they have many chances.

The card was well thought out....This year they remembered to cross out "Mother" and write "Father" in it's place.

Your children passed the hat for money to buy a gift.....You only got the hat.

Happy belated Father's Day to all the dads out there. Remember it's the thought that counts. I'm fortunate because I have very thoughtful kids.