As you think about heading out for those 'Black Friday' deals in the Southern Tier, beware of clothing tags.

I picked up (and paid for) a green shirt at one of those end of the season sales last year.  I wore the shirt maybe once and wondered why every time I would walk through those retail security towers at various stores, loud noises would appear and people would get all excited.  I laid my troubled green shirt to rest in a drawer for a seven month rest.

Yesterday, I take the shirt out of the dark and proudly wore it again.  Sure enough, walking around the mall it caused more attention.  When I was taking my shirt off last night, I happened to see the tag that clearly states, "remove before washing or wearing."

Now it all makes sense.  When you are heading out for those incredible sales, please take the time to read any warnings that appear on your clothes.  Unlike me, stay out of trouble and happy shopping.