Sunday is Mother's Day,and if you're dating a single mom, knowing how to handle this holiday can be a little tricky. We know you don’t want to look like a fool and we don’t want you to look like one either, so here are a couple DOs and DON’ts to keep in the back of your mind.

#1.) DO Check with Her Beforehand. Obviously you want to do something special for her on Mother's Day, but since she’s got kids, they might have something already planned and you don’t want to push them out of her day. Clear any ideas with her beforehand.

#2.) DON'T Overwhelm Her if It's a New Relationship. Before tagging along to family activities, you should be pretty serious about your relationship with her otherwise it’s not fair to the kids. If your relationship is still new, don't expect to be included in her Mother’s Day plans.

#3.) DON'T Panic if the Kids Don't Want You Around. Even if your relationship is serious, Mother's Day is about your lady and her kids and they really do need to come first. If the kids don’t want you around, it doesn’t mean they hate you. Just back off and let the kids come first.

#4.) DON'T Mess with the Ex. It might feel awkward, but it’s not unusual for two people who aren’t together but are still on good terms to spend a day like Mother's Day together. Don’t take it personally. There’s a reason she’s with you and not him.

#5.) DON'T Do Breakfast in Bed. Avoid the whole "breakfast in bed" thing unless you sleep over regularly. It could really freak the kids out if they ran into her room to give her a gift and you were there. On the other hand, if you're pretty close with the kids, you could always cook breakfast together while mom kicks up her feet.

#6.) DO Let The Kids Pick Their Own Gifts. If you’re helping the kids find a perfect gift for their mom, let them take initiative. Moms love 9or at least pretend to love) gifts their kids give them so even if you think the kid’s gift idea is lame, let it go.

#7.) DO Keep the Day in Perspective. Mother's Day isn't a romantic holiday like Valentine's Day. It's to honor what an amazing job she does as a mom and everything you do should reflect that.