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It's the 2nd Presidential Debate tonight.  It's a Town Hall format, where supposedly undecided voters get to ask questions.  The pressing questions: The Economy, Foreign Policy or Womens Rights.  How about "Do you like pepperoni or sausage on your pizza?"  That's the 15,000 dollar question.

Pizza Hut is offering up 15,000 dollars or pizza for life, if any of the Town Hall people ask that question to either Governor Romney or President Obama at tonights event. So if your not playing the "take a drink, everytime the  middle class is mentioned" game, maybe this will give you something to look forward too.  I can't imagine someone would actually ask that question, but at least that question might actually get answered honestly..

It's kinda too bad President Clinton wasn't going to be around for that question, but they might have to stop the debate till he quit snickering.  Final thought isn't pepperoni a kind of sausage, probably not.