As a self-proclaimed recipe lover and veggie junky, there’s nothing I love more than getting the chance to try out new and interesting leafy greens in my latest soup concoction or homemade pizza creation. And what’s the next victim in my search for the perfect dinner dish? Brussel-Kale.

Set to make their journey from the farm (or in this case would it be a laboratory?) to produce stands this Fall, Brussel-Kale will be your new go-to for any and all fancy feasts you’ll be preparing, with a taste described as being “sweet and nutty” and the appearance of a frilly dark green cabbage.

Packed with all the vitamins and nutrients you’d get from the veggie’s parents, Brussel-Kale is the trendy green monster you’ll want on your side. And don’t be surprised if your clothes aren’t fitting quite like you’re used to – any and all popped jean buttons or strained shirt seams are a result of all the muscles your gaining from this ‘hulking’ new veggie (yes, we know we’re lame).

Would it be weird if I waited outside the supermarket and held a midnight release party for Brussel-Kale when it hits stores? Hopefully I’ll see you all there so I’m not the only one!