Summer is officially over. There I said it. School has begun and many of you are feeling the crippling effects of the cost of textbooks for this years college courses. What would you say if I said you can spend some of that book money on food and clothes? Try these alternative ideas to buying new books outright:

1. Digital Copies

Now that the Kindle, Nook, and other digital book options are becoming more popular, new businesses are capitalizing. On, for example, you just type in the book title and author and pay about 20 bucks to view it on your computer or device.

Many outlets also offer accompanying apps so you can use your textbooks wherever you go.

2. Used Books

Although it varies from location to location, many college communities have used book outlets that can chop considerable dollars off of your book purchase. You can have used books delivered to Binghamton University, BCC, and SUNY Cortland if you order from a service like Their Binghamton store front is on Bunn Hill road in Vestal.

3. Find Friends in Your Class and Share

A lot of people don't think to ask, but sharing textbooks is fairly commonplace and can reduce the cost by splitting it. Try asking around on Facebook or maybe try Binghamton Craigslist to find what you need. Nothing eases the cost of a $300 book like splitting it 3 (or 6!) ways.