All eyes on Frankenstorm 'Sandy.'  It's almost certain that Sandy will show, it's just how bad will she "show."

Here's the latest forecast from Howard at the WBNG Storm Tracker Weather Center...

Saturday Night: Cloudy. 40% chance of showers. Low: 51
Sunday: Rain showers likely. High: 51
***Update Saturday 9:00am:***
Clouds and a chance for some light drizzle exists for the remainder of the morning. Most areas will stay dry until the second half of the day, when showers behind a cold front move into the region.  Temperatures will remain on the mild side and more showers may gradually become more widespread through the night.
Previous discussion follows:
Scattered showers are possible Saturday and likely Sunday. I think the highest chance of rain Saturday will be west of 81. However, later in the day, the chance of showers will increase for everyone. Places east of Binghamton may stay dry through early afternoon with how things look now. Highs will be around 61, but may stay in the low to mid 50s well west. Highs will fall from the low 60s Saturday to the lower and middle 50s Sunday.
Big questions remain for early to mid next week. My confidence in a storm impacting the northeast US is growing; in fact, it is becoming almost a certainty. However, it remains too early in the forecast period to be certain as to what the effects will be. We will be nailing details down over the next 3 days and I advise you to keep an eye on the forecast.
What I DO know: Strong winds and heavy rain are possible and the official storm track takes the center of the low pressure into southern PA by Tuesday afternoon. At this time it looks like a wind and heavy rain event for the Tiers. The greatest threats currently are flash flooding and power outages. At this early juncture, MAJOR river flooding is not expected. There are a few points that show MINOR flooding. I also ask you to keep in mind that MINOR flooding does not have widespread property and structure implications.
What I DO NOT know: the exact track of the storm, the strength of the storm at landfall, the scope of any effects, and how much or precisely what type of precipitation will fall.  I also do not know where the heaviest precipitation will be located. It does look like several inches of rain could fall, but again, this could change and this is only a broad-brush estimate.