To tell you the truth, I'm a little sad as Binghamton Restaurant Week 2014 ends Thursday night.  I'm so happy I tried new restaurants this year, restaurants I may not have ever considered before and restaurants I will be returning to thanks to Restaurant Week.  One of those restaurants features great Japanese cuisine and fine indoor/outdoor dining on Court Street called Sake-tumi.

The food is dazzling and fresh with a perfect presentation.  The waiting staff is on their toes and my water glass was refilled about 12 times.  You just don't find attentive staff like this everywhere and it's something I had to note. Impressive.

I was very impressed with the selection Sake-tumi offered for Restaurant Week.  My guest and I were starving so we had our eyes on 4 or 5 things from the menu.  We were surprised at how large the portion sizes were.

I loved my Wasabi Pepper Chicken Stir-Fry; it was full of bell peppers, fresh asparagus (my favorite veggie!), scallions and a dusting of fresh cilantro with rice noodles in a light wasabi pepper sauce.  Yum.

They have a nice beverage and dessert menu to go with your 3 course menu and the full sushi bar is outstanding.  Suke-tumi reminds me of a favorite restaurant I go to in the village.

If you love Asian cuisine, do yourself a big favor and try Sake-tumi.  Thanks to the staff for making my outdoor dining experience so wonderful.  I look forward to dining with you again very soon.