Can you imagine how depressing it must be to be sausage? Every day, competing against bacon and losing. 

Noon can't get here fast enough and when it does, you'll probably find me at that little diner on Main Street in Binghamton sucking down some bacon.

This morning Glenn and I asked you to replace one word in a movie title with the word "bacon" and the results were hilarious!  Here are a few of my favorite:

  • The Lord of the Bacon
  • Dude, Where's My Bacon
  • Bacon Almighty
  • Saving Private Bacon
  • Beauty and the Bacon
  • Nightmare on Bacon Street.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Bacon
  • Days of Bacon
  • St. Elmo's Bacon
  • Magic Bacon
  • The Bacon Diaries
  • Me, Myself and Bacon
  • When Harry met Bacon

I've decided that whenever someone asks me a question today, I'm going to reply (straight faced) "rub some bacon on it."