To say Rolling Stone has created a stir by putting a photo of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar "Jahar" Tsarnaev on the cover of its new issue would be an understatement. A whole lot of people are a whole lot of not happy that someone suspected in playing a role in the death of several people and the injury of many others is getting this sort of attention.

Editor in chief Judd Legum tweeted, "New Rolling Stone cover turns Boston bomber into Jim Morrison" along with a photo noting the comparison.

The story was written by Janet Reitman and shares several things about the Boston Bombing suspects.  Those revelations include:

  • When Jahar was holed up in the boat, FBI agents mentioned a public plea for him to surrender from his former wrestling coach.  Agents believe that the plea from his wrestling coach is what led to his surrender.
  • Around 2008, Jahar's older brother Tamerlan said he felt like "two people" were inside him. Instead of getting him psychiatric help, his mom pushed him deeper into Islam to cure his demons.
  • Jahar downplayed the fact he was a Muslim even though the high school he attended is noted for its diversity. However, when a friend who converted to Muslim talked about it casually Jahar became upset.
  • Jahar kept his troubled home life to himself. When his friends wanted to meet Tamerlan, who was traveling deeper and deeper into the Muslim faith, Jahar declined to introduce them to his brother.
  • Jahar pretty much never spoke about 9/11, but once told a high school friend that the terrorist attacks were justified because of U.S. policies toward Muslim countries.

*As a member of the media, I'm disgusted by how often evil is glorified by media outlets. It needs to stop. Now.

*This is Traci Taylor's personal opinion and not that of WHWK or Townsquare Media.

Source(s): Rolling Stone, Twitter