When Rodney Carrington penned and recorded 'Camouflage and Christmas Lights' for one of his albums a few years ago, he had no idea how his huge fan base would accept the song.  After all, 'Camouflage and Christmas Lights' is a serious song and Rodney is known for his humor, sometimes on the raunchy side.

To Rodney's surprise, 'Camouflage and Christmas Lights' is one of his most requested songs and the comedian could not be happier.  As you know, Rodney takes his comedy show all over the United States and when he plays the song to sold out crowds, he proudly dedicates it to military men and women serving the USA, around the world.  He says it's like keeping Christmas in your heart year round.

I guess it's only natural that we're hearing from listeners all over the Southern Tier that are buying tickets to Rodney Carrington as holiday presents.  Find out more about Rodney Carrington and his 'Laughter's Good' Tour, coming to the Binghamton Forum, February 22nd, by clicking HERE.