Fashionistas are always looking for an excuse to take their wardrobes to the next level - the wilder, the better. But what if I told you the latest trend is taking “wild” a little too literally?

The up and coming Japanese brand, Zoo Jeans has found a way to perfectly distress your favorite blue jeans without the use of factories and chemicals - instead, they’re wrapping the denim fabric used to make their jeans around lion, tiger and bear toys at a local zoo and letting the wild animals go, well, wild!

I'm all for new ways of getting those distressed jeans all the country boys are talking about in their songs, you know “the jeans with the tear that her mama never fixed.” But this new tiger-torn trend just seems like it’s trying too hard, which is so not country-girl-with-her-hair-down chic.

Would you wear jeans distressed by a lion? I'd love to know your thoughts on this... unique, new fashion sensation.