To quote Traci Taylor "Happy Springter." This is how my daughters, Riley and Tara celebrated it.

Riley scrapped the hail off the car. She used a cup and decided it looked so good that she should add snow cone topping to it.....Yes, we have snow cone topping. In fact, we have 2 small snow cone makers including a SpongeBob snow cone maker.

It looked so good that Tara wanted to make one too. Her first mistake was that she decided to use the hail off the picnic table.....Some would say that her first mistake was to make one at all from the outside elements.

Her first one contained little leaves and other unexplainable things. So she decided to use the hail from my car as well. That might have been her 2nd mistake. So they enjoyed Winter's last treat before Spring. So HAPPY bring on the warmer weather.