I wish I could get paid to come up with really ridiculous ideas like this.  Now, I don’t mean to slam on the “creative brains,” but really?  This falls into the “have a happy period” (um, yeah- because that’s EXACTLY how I think of it each month ) and the for women only Bic for Her pen categories.

Nestle released a new bottled water this week aimed specifically at rich, stylish women (because men and women need different types of bottled water, obviously…)

According to a company spokesperson, Resource Natural Spring Water is for 30-something women who are “a little more on the trendy side and higher-income side.”

Yep- this 30-something woman is going to rush to the store for this RIGHT NOW.  Or not.

The company hopes consumers will consider Resource bottled water an “accessory.”  Say what?

So, what makes this drink for trendy women?  I’m not exactly sure but there’s a really boring 2 and a half minute video you can watch if you wanna try to figure it out for yourself.

Source: Jezebel