Meet Hawk Morning Show intern Sabrina.

Intern Sabrina

Morning show intern Sabrina is so incredibly exited to join me and Glenn at Cruisin' Pallooza 2014 that she practically dropped to her knees and BEGGED to be allowed to help write all about it to share with the masses. Sigh. She was just too precious that I couldn't say no. Besides, it'd be pretty ignorant for me to turn down someone's offer to do my work!

So here she is ladies and gents, Hawk Morning Show intern Sabrina on why you, yes, YOU should join us this Saturday for Cruisin' Pallooza:

Allow us to steer you in the right direction (you’ll see what we did there in just a second) this Saturday, June 28th as we invite you to check out Cruisin’ Pallooza 2014, The Hawk’s 14th annual car and bike show being held at the Broome County Fairgrounds in Whitney Point, NY.

If there’s one thing that can bring a grown man to his knees and make a woman swoon, it’s a car with curves in all the right places, and with 28 classes of cars and bikes to ogle this weekend, you’re sure to find your automotive soul mate (Just remember, you can look, but keep your hands to yourself!).

Traci Taylor

In addition to rows upon rows of show-stoppers, Cruisin’ Pallooza ‘14 will be fully equipped for a day of family fun with face painting and ice cream for the kids, a flea market featuring homemade jewelry, hats, lamps, mugs and soaps, and food vendors serving up Southern Tier favorites including chili dogs, sausages, fried dough and funnel cakes, and of course Spiedies.

Now offering draft beer on tap, Cruisn’ is the perfect place to kick back to the sounds of the Jason Wicks Band and Bad Hair Day with your fellow automotive enthusiasts, and while you’re at it, we want to hear what you have to say! This year we’re giving out trophies to winners in each class and introducing the People’s Choice Awards for your favorite cars and bikes, winners receiving cash prizes.

Traci Taylor

And if you can’t think of a better reason to come out and enjoy the sunshine on a Saturday afternoon (we know we can’t!), a portion of your $5 admission will benefit the family of NYS Trooper Christopher Skinner and will be donated to the New York State Trooper’s Signal 30 Fund, which supports members of the New York State Police in extraordinary circumstances such as illness, injury and loss of residences to fires or floods.

So start your engines, get set, and go! Whether you’re a pro at driving stick or more of an automatic kind of guy or gal, there’s no chance you’ll stall out at this weekend’s Cruisin’ Pallooza 2014 event. With something for everybody, it’s bound to be a hit, and nobody can smell a hit quite like our Hawk listeners. Can’t wait to see you there!

Hi, it's Traci again. I think we should keep Sabrina, don't you? Keep an eye out for Glenn, Sabrina and me this Saturday and when you spot us, be sure to say hello!