Let’s say you’re a workout-aholic like the Hawk’s John Davison. And let’s say you’ve always wanted to be able to work out and eat at the same time. Well…happy news for you- if you don’t mind the travel.

There’s a new restaurant in London that allows you to exercise while you eat. Diners can enjoy a “calorie neutral” menu that lets them burn off 573 calories while chowing down. The restaurant is called Steam and advises diners to wear loose fitting clothing for the 90-minute experience.

As soon as diners enter the restaurant, they’re offered metabolism-boosting green tea and cold liquids in preparation for their workout. Then, they participate in a standing-only 40-minute exercise class which combines Pilates, yoga and Tai chi. The room is kept chilly so diners won’t sweat before dinner and to enhance the calorie burn. After that, they feast on the menu while sitting on chairs with seat pads that vibrate for 30 minutes. And once the meal is complete, people can socialize while burning more calories by playing ping pong, using a boxing bag, and performing exercise band workouts.

I’m not one so I don’t know for sure, but my guess is that fitness nuts will eat this up and it won’t be too long before we see restaurants like this pop up in the States.