Everyone says they want to gain (or lose) weight.  January is typically the time people get more serious about resolving that goal.  It takes a lot of hard work dedication but the payoffs can be great.

Here's how you can make 2013 the year you exchange that six-pack of beer for a six-pack of abs.

If You Want To Burn Fat...

1.  Drag yourself off the couch.  You don't have to work out for hours.  In fact, 'burn out' is the number one reason people don't stick with a workout program.  Exercising for as little as 15-20 minutes a day can be enough to start seeing results.

2.  Manage your sweet tooth.  Every Spring, I make a big effort give up sugar completely.  You don't have to go to that extreme but instead of reaching out for that candy bar, do a handful of almonds.  They make some really awesome protein shakes and bars now.  But again, watch the sugar in these.

3.  Don't be afraid of supplements.  Be aware that supplements are not for body builders anymore.  Vitamins do work.  Dr. Oz mentioned Raspberry ketones and every health food store in the Greater Binghamton area sold out.  I understand people have dropped many pounds with this natural supplement.

If You Want To Build Muscle...

1.  Chow down.  To build muscle, you need to eat more. Period.  This does not mean you chow down on chips and ice cream sundaes like there is no tomorrow.  Remember: you are what you eat.  Three small meals every 3 hours is recommended.  Consider high protein sources like lean meats, cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts, and a good protein shake.

2.  Hit the weights.  Cardio like running is great for weight loss, but cardio will not help you get bigger arms and pecs.  Weight training and cardio together is the best way to burn fat and build muscle.

3.  Sleep rules.  Your body will need sleep between workouts.  If you don't give your muscle time to repair and grow, you run the risk of injury.  Be sure to include a rest day in your routine and make sure you're getting enough sleep so that you'll be ready for your next workout.  I like to take a week off after a few months of bit workouts.

Another good thing to do is reward yourself if you've had success. Treat yourself to a good dinner or do something that your deserve.

Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have any questions or need some inspiration.  I wish you nothing but success in the year ahead.