Village of Johnson City

Family, friends, law enforcement officers and area residents attended the funeral of Johnson City Police Officer David W. Smith Friday.

The service was held at the Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial United Methodist Church on Main Street.

Hundreds of police officers from many agencies gathered outside the church before the funeral to honor Smith, who died shortly after he was shot Monday morning.

Kathy Whyte/WNBF News

Johnson City police chief Joseph Zikuski described Smith as "a cop's cop who was always there to help others."

Zikuski noted Smith helped solve many cases during the years he worked as a detective for the Johnson City Police Department.

The chief also recalled Smith's actions at a January 2002 fire scene. Zikuski said the officer entered a burning building to search for a missing four-year-old child. A short time later, the chief said, Smith carried the child to safety.

Zikuski said that was an example of Smith's "courageous and compassionate character."

After the funeral service, Smith was to be buried at the Chenango Valley Cemetery.