When I think back to being a kid I’ve got a lot of great memories of playing outside. It sounds cruel in today’s world (it actually wasn’t!), but when we were kids my mom would literally lock me and my siblings outside and make us play together.  We cried and pouted for about a half hour and then we’d start to play and would have so much fun that the hours would fly by and we’d end up crying and pouting when it was time to go back inside. We’d make a toy out of whatever we could find, whether it was a stick, a bouncy ball, whatever.

It’s that time of year again and the National Toy Hall of Fame has announced 12 nominees for induction this year, including the Magic 8 Ball, little green army men and ‘Star Wars’ action figures.  The rest of the nominees include the venerable tea set, Clue, Dominoes, Lite-Brite, Pogo Stick, Sidewalk Chalk, Simon, Twister and the Fisher-Price Corn Popper.

It might sound like a joke, but the Hall of Fame has even inducted “the stick” and “the cardbox box.”

Monday morning at 6:10am, Glenn and I will chat about what our favorite toys were and we’d love to know what yours was, so feel free to leave a comment with your favorite childhood toy and we might share your story on the air on 98.1 The Hawk!