Back in November, a feelgood story circled Facebook of a New York cop who saw a homeless man sitting barefoot in Times Square, and spent $75 to buy him a brand new pair of shoes.  And a photo of the scene got 618,000 Facebook likes?

About two weeks later, reporters caught up with the homeless guy, 54-year-old Jeffrey Hillman, and he said he felt exploited, because he didn't get any money from all the media attention his story was getting. Here's a thought Jeffery, the story was popular because of that poor cop YOU SCAMMED! Yes, scammed.

On Sunday, a few "New York Post" reporters followed Jeffrey after he left Times Square and watched him head right back to an apartment.  He was counting a huge stack of bills as he walked up. When they confronted him, he admitted he isn't homeless.  He's just a con artist who poses as a homeless guy and makes hundreds of dollars a day doing it.  At maybe $250 a day, lets say... 200 days a year, that makes it a $50,000-a-year, TAX-FREE job!  Jerk.



--And as for the shoes he got from the cop . . . Jeffrey admitted he owns at least 30 pairs of shoes and boots.