Last week I ventured out to find a place I have never been before.  I was hungry and had a taste for pizza.  I love local pizza places and good local food.  So I talked my friend in to going to Red's Kettle Inn, located at 93 CFJ Boulevard, in Johnson City.  We had some time to kill before I picked up my friend's dog to dog sit for the night! You may have driven by this large red building on your way to CFJ Park or Wal Mart in Johnson City and wondered if it was open, as their hours are a bit skimpy:  Wednesday thru Sunday, 3:30-10 or 11pm.

Not knowing what to expect, we walked in slowly and instantly felt at home.  The decor was sports, perfect for any Yankee fan. Red's Kettle Inn started in 1942 and would often serve employees of Endicott Johnson Shoes catered lunch or entertain those attending the historic Fountains Pavilion.  The atmosphere was very laid back. We were greeted with a friendly bartender who didn't mind answering our many questions. At Red's, it's not pizza, it's "hot pie," something unique to this small part of the planet.  I wish I could have stayed there all night!  The pizza, excuse me, "hot pie," was totally unique. It reminds me of Brozzetti's, another legendary pizza in the Southern Tier.  I was told the fish fry (haddock and steak fries) were excellent on Friday.  I may have to come back and play some pool.  There's a banquet room and full restaurant with a very fresh salad bar.  When was the last time you saw fresh cantaloupe on a salad bar?

In all, this was a big surprise; good food, beverages and lots of famous autographs and memorabilia to keep your eyes busy.  I'm going back soon!  Here's to new places found in the community.