I knew when the HAWK announced LeAnn Rimes at the Spiediefest & Balloon Rally, Saturday August 3rd, there would be a huge response but I had no idea how big it would with people traveling from all over the place to get their admission buttons.

Officials at the Binghamton's biggest Summer entertainment event report "a record number of people purchasing admission buttons from out of state."  This means, early demand for concert access is at a record high and may result in to a sell out.  There will be in influx of first-time Spiediefest visitors and that is awesome.

As one official explained to me, there is a limit to the number of people allowed in the concert area and after a certain number of buttons are sold (Spiediefest buttons are your admission tickets to the concert area), the gates will be shut once the area reaches full capacity.  Safety and the best concert experience is very important to the Spiediefest & Balloon Rally, for LeAnn and all the acts, August 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

LeAnn Rimes could be the biggest act the Spiediefest & Balloon Rally has ever seen.  There has been more response to LeAnn that almost any other act.  LeAnn is one of those unique acts that crosses all musical boundaries.  Everyone knows who he is, selling over 30 million albums world wide, lots of television and tabloid exposure and a string of movie accomplishments under her belt, including 'Coyote Ugly.'

So my recommendation is not to wait if you are planning on going to this year's Spiediefest and Balloon Rally at Binghamton's Otsiningo Park.  Get your buttons before they are gone.  Remember, each Spiediefest button gets you in to all 3-days of concerts, in addition to admission to the main gate.

Buttons are available at a number of locations in the Greater Binghamton, including:  Weis Markets, Cost Cutters, Maine Source and Wegmans.

For a schedule of concert dates and times or for additional information, click HERE.