Good news for all us Reba McEntire fans.  Friday night's premiere of "Malibu Country" won it's time slot and according to, "delivered the network its highest ratings in that time slot in 5 years."

Over 8.9 million people caught the first episode.

The success of Reba's new sitcom also gave big wins to Tim Allen's sophomore comedy, "Last Man Standing" and "Shark Tank."

I would imagine with news like this, they are "high on Reba" and will put a lot of faith into the new series.  Her former long-running WB/CW series "Reba," never reached the audience that her ABC series has but interestingly enough, still holds the record as being the most successful comedy ever on the WB/CW network.  No comedy since "Reba," has ever been more successful.  Knowing this, I can't but wonder why they never developed another series with Reba.

Good for ABC. It's my hope that "Malibu Country" has a long life in it's new home, Friday nights at 8:30pm.

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