So 2014 hasn't gotten off to the best start for you. You've recently broke up or are about too. Believe it or not there are some good reasons. One is the World's Largest Singles Party coming Friday January 24th from 7-11pm at the DoubleTree Hotel on Water Street in Binghamton. Here are some others in no particular order.

If you met your ex in a weird, awkward or embarrassing way,  you don't need to tell the story anymore.

You don't need to ask questions about their day and pretend to care...or listen to the answer.

This one is for the ladies......I hope.....Granny panties whenever you want.

You don't have to explain every single Facebook friend....or number in cell phone.

Finally, you don't need to blame the dog because it's only you.

Hope this helps and hope to see you Friday, January 24th for virtual golf, dancing, karaoke, trivia, games and more.....Oh yeah and to find love.