When I was much younger, I was shopping with my mom grandma in the old Mohawk Mall in Schenectady (just outside of Albany) when we rounded the corner and literally ran into John F. Kennedy Jr.

New Kids On The Block

We didn't stop to talk to JFK Jr. because we figured if he was in such a rundown old mall, he probably wanted to get in and out without fanfare, but it was awesome all the same and is something we still talk about.

Jason Mraz

This morning on the Hawk Morning Show, we're sharing stories of times we've run into celebs unexpectedly. Leave a comment on our Facebook page or below letting us know who you ran into when you weren't expecting it.  Here's who some of our Hawk listeners have spotted out and about:

John Mellencamp

Becky Poff - I went to my first Pocono race and I had passes to walk with Ernie Irvin, Kyle and Kurt Busch, and Kasey Kane. Well we do our walk and we are on our way back and I'm talking away to my fiancé's aunt and I bump into someone only to see my fiancé's aunt eyes get wide. I turn and look say sorry and realize I had ran into Ernie Irvin! He just laughed and signed my shirt and said " Its ok but if I knew we were bump drafting I would of been a little more on guard." We had a laugh and I apologized again and said our goodbyes. It was pretty cool and he was such a nice guy.

Black Eyed Peas

Elissa Cupelo- I ran into George Clooney in Macy's in NYC years ago when he was on ER. We did the I'll go this way you go that way dance!

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Graham- Sharon Stone's mom used to (still might for all I know) live near the small town I grew up in. My mom used to work in the local, family-owned grocery store in town and Sharon Stone's mom shopped there all the time until it closed. Every once in a while visiting her mom, we'd see her too. Sharon and her mom were super nice.

Eliot Sloan of Blessid Union of Souls

Nicole Pauling- Marilyn Manson's uncle taught my 9th grade social studies class.

Gavin DeGraw

Lisa Klunk- I met Mr. Miyagi aka Pat Morita from Karate Kid on a plane. I loved that little guy. I’ve also met actresses and actors from As The World Turns and Another World as well as the Hawaiian Tropic CEO.

Jon Secada

Deb Binkley- I took Ronnie Milsap's road manager on a beer run in Pitman, NJ and then got to meet Ronnie and tour his bus.

Backstreet Boys

Kate Mikulski -I literally ran INTO Travis Barker, drummer of Blink 182 at Darien Lake. Then got my picture taken with him. Still one of the best days of my life.

Goo Goo Dolls