Pretty much all of this past week's Hawk Morning Show was powered by the forgotten bag of pumpkin spice coffee I found deep in the back of my pantry. It was like Christmas when I found it.  I almost cried.

There are no words to tell you how much I love pumpkin spice coffees and lattes.  Like, I'm that crazy lady who runs through the grocery store with my arms filled with bags of pumpkin spice coffee as the season ends so that I can stock up and not have to be without. Yep, that's how much I love it.

If you're a pumpkin spice latte fiend, I've got a secret to share with you.  Are you ready?  Are you sitting down?

My sources tell me that Starbucks is secretly serving their addicting pumpkin spice lattes, but it's hush, hush. Rumor has it if you visit and give the secret code (PSL10) they'll hook you up with the liquid goodness.

Give it a try and let me know how it works, pretty please?