More and more wild animals have been spotted in Towns and Parks in the Southern Tier.  We told you about some coyotes being spotted in Owego last week. Now some rabid animals have been spotted.

On Friday, we found out that a man in Nichols had been attacked by a rabid bobcat. It was confirmed by the Tioga County Health Department. It's not the only incident in the area this week. A fox suspected to be rabid attacked people in two incidents in Ulysses in Tompkins County. The fox was shot Tuesday.

So when your outside on this gorgeous weekend be on the lookout for animals that are acting strange. Watch younger children as they play outdoors and inform older kids to avoid animals.

I know when Tara was younger, she would want to pet any animal.  All of her stuffed animals are cute and friendly and the animals on the cartoons are nice, so the real ones must be too.